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Delivery time: around 1 month (checked with us for details)


  • Combination refrigerator freezer with upper 2°C ~ -8°C and lower-10℃~-26℃
  • Direct cooling and electronic temperature control for fast refrigeration and constant temperature
  • Separate control of upper refrigeration chamber and lower freezing chamber with separate compressors
  • Digital temperature display to control temperature precisely and monitor operating status clearly
  • Equipped with sheet metal refrigerated drawers and acrylic plates
  • The inner material with Aluminum plate with spraying and three layers coated steel wired shelf clapboard
  • Ensure safe sample storage with inter-room independent door lock and independent external padlock
  • Tube-type condenser and built-in type evaporator work well to keep the temperature in the cabinet
  • LED lighting in the cabinet of the combination refrigerator freezer provides great visibility
  • The lower freezing chamber is equipped with drawers and the refrigeration chamber is equipped with coated steel wire shelves
  • The combination refrigerator freezer is equipped with casters at the bottom for conveniently movement and placement
  • Standard with Build-in USB datalogger for temperature data recording


Scope of Application

Suitable for freezing of ice bars and storage of various things needing refrigerated storage such as reagent, etc. Suitable for use in hospitals, clinics, health and disease prevention systems, laboratories in colleges & universities, the frozen food industry and catering industry, etc.

2℃~8℃/-10℃~-26℃ Medical Refrigerator And Freezer Combo YCD-EL450

  • Model YCD-EL450
    Cabinet Type Upright
    Capacity(L) 450, R:225, F:225
    Internal Size(W*D*H)mm R:650*570*627, F:650*570*627
    External Size(W*D*H)mm 810*735*1960
    Package Size(W*D*H)mm 895*820*2135
    NW/GW(Kgs) 146/156


    Temperature Range R:2~8,F:-10~-26
    Ambient Temperature 16-32℃
    Cooling Performance R:5, F:-26
    Climate Class N
    Controller Microprocessor
    Display Digital display


    Compressor 2pcs
    Cooling Method R: Forced air cooling, F:Direct cooling
    Defrost Mode R:Automatic, F:Manual
    Refrigerant R600a
    Insulation Thickness(mm) R:80, F:80


    External Material PCM
    Inner Material Aluminum plate with spraying
    Shelves R:3(coated steel wired shelf), F:6(ABS)
    Door Lock with Key Yes
    Lighting LED
    Access Port 2pcs. Ø 25 mm
    Casters 4 (2 casters with brake)
    Data Logging/Interval/Recording Time USB/Record every 10 minutes / 2 years
    Backup Battery Yes
    Door with Heater Yes


    Temperature High/Low temperature, High ambient temperature
    Electrical Power failure, Low battery
    System Sensor failure, Door ajar, Built-in USB datalog failure, Communication failure


    Standard RS485, Remote alarm contact
    Options Printer
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