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The Panbio™ HIV Self Test lets you know your HIV status in just 15 minutes. Test in the privacy of home with a simple fingerstick. Our 3rd generation, highly accurate, trusted HIV testing technology detects HIV-1 and HIV-2 antibodies using one drop of blood. Easy test procedure with no special equipment needed.


  • Private: discretely perform an HIV test at home
  • Trusted: Abbott made the first HIV antibody blood test approved by the US FDA in 1985
  • Accurate:
    1. Professional Users: Sensitivity 100%, Specificity 99.9%
    2. Lay Users: Sensitivity 95.1%, Specificity 99.6%
  • Easy: simple fingerstick test procedure
  • Fast: 15 minute test time
  • 3rd generation blood-based HIV testing technology

Abbott Panbio 雅培 HIV 自我測試 1TEST

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