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We help pathologists and clinicians make accurate diagnoses that help determine the most effective treatment for patients

Medical Equipment hk and Medical Device Hong Kong from Hytex Medical

Come to us - Hytexmed - if you need to make accurate diagnoses that help determine the most effective treatment for patients. A better service would definitely improve your reputation in the medical field. We were founded in 2012 and established as the fastest-growing name in rapid diagnostics. We developed a strong business relationship with opinion leaders in diagnostics and access to proprietary information. We have various types of lab equipment, medical device, biomedical freezer, blood bank, refrigerator, pharmacy refrigerator, rapid test of infectious disease/ fertility, different microbiology instruments and laboratory consumables.

Looking for medical equipment hk and medical devices in Hong Kong?

Quality is the key to the success of an enterprise. We persist in top-down collaboration, which makes it possible for the quality to improve constantly and tend to be perfect. Efficiency, stressing speed, character striving for quality and the harmonious unification of speed and quality, which create our belief in high standards of consumable medical supplies products. As one of the professional medical diagnostics manufacturers, we are always adhered to this idea, so that it can walk in the forefront of the medical diagnostics industry.


We offer a series of medical and laboratory equipment and reagents, including All in one molecular analyzer, extraction system, PCR analyzer, PCR kits, PCR controls, Transport Medium, Culture Medium, Drug of Abuse Rapid test/ELISA, Infectious Disease Rapid Test/ ELISA/ CLIA, Urinalysis Reagent Strips, POCT test/analyzer, etc. View our range of general medical and laboratory products. Our list of medical laboratory products is listed on the website. Feel free to reach out to our sales team if you are looking for supreme medical equipment in Hong Kong. We offer a one-year warranty for all medical equipment in Hong Kong. Though there are no specific regulations on medical equipment in Hong Kong, all our medical devices are of high standard.

 Hytex Medical offers a wide range of molecular diagnostic technology medical devices

Hytex Medical provides a variety of medical instruments related to molecular diagnostic technology. The GeneRotex 96 is produced by Tianlong Technology, a national medical equipment supplier, as a main feature product, this extractor is the top selling extraction system in China during COVID-19 pandemic which made a great contribution to fight COVID-19. The PANA 9600S Automatic Nucleic Acid Workstation, is an important equipment for PCR automation, which can automatically perform tedious operations, this workstation greatly simplifies the manual process and realizes a fully automated, high-efficiency and highly standardized nucleic acid detection process.

Medical Equipment hk and Medical Device Hong Kong - Frequently Asked Questions

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